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  1. Lately I have been having a strang problem with IE6 and win XP...

    I'll either link to page or manually type in an address and occasionally the browser loads a completely different page. Typically the page loaded is a page that I have visited recently however this is not always the case.

    In light of this I did try dumping the cache, cookies and local files that have been stored on my disk but I still get the problem.

    Any tips?

    relevant info:
    I am running ICS on this machine.
    Cable ISP
    XP (obviously)
    Zone alarm as the firewall
    am I missing anything?
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    The only thing I can find is in this thread. Still looking around.
  3. same thing

    He is having a lot of the same problems I have encountered.

    Another thing that I forgot to mention.. This also happened in WinME and is actually the reason why I upgraded to XP (fresh install) .

    I'm glad I'm not alone. All my friends thought I was smoking the pipe.
  4. this seems to have solved my problem....

    Security Update, March 4, 2002

    This update resolves the "Java Applet Can Redirect Browser Traffic" security vulnerability in the Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM) on Windows XP and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-013. Download now to prevent a maliciously crafted Java program ("applet") from silently re-routing all browser traffic to the applet’s host without the user’s knowledge.
    This update upgrades your version of the Microsoft VM to 3805.
    For more information about this vulnerability, read Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-013 <>. (This site is in English.)
    System Requirements
    This update applies to:
    Windows XP
    Windows Me
    How to use
    Restart your computer to complete the installation.
    How to uninstallUninstall is not available.
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    Thanks for posting your solution. Someone else may XP-erience this problem. ;)