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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by VenomXt, Nov 27, 2004.

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    anyone in here have any experience in repairing broken china?

    (backstory) my grandfather traded a 5000 dollar Rifel 30 years ago for a china set for my grandmother. and this set has been in the family forever since. ok like a dumb ars last night i dropped a plate. and it broke evenly i only wont be abel to repaire a small dime size peice whenre it hit the ground. basically i want to know what glue i should use on this and application.

    here is the patter btw,

    looking on ebay and canty find waht ai need but i did find some tea cups that will go with the set
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    The best glue I've found to repair anything breakable is crazy glue(can we say forum klutz?). First dry fit the plate back together so you know where all the pieces go then pick up two of the pieces and apply some crazy glue on the sides of the pieces that fit together. Hold the pieces together until they dry (usually not more than 3-5 mins at most). When the first two pieces are dry, pick up the next adjacent piece and repeat the process for the first two pieces. Continue this until you've glued all the pieces back together. Though it may not be recomendable to use the plate to eat off of after gluing it back together cuz water and food remnants could possibly get into the cracks and discolor them.
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    yeah...use crazy glue. I broke a ceramic head thingy and it broke into a few big pieces and then little ones and my mom fixed it well kinda.
  4. wow that's beautiful peace of china you got there i wouldn't use it if i were you i would just put it in the cupboard as a display... sorry i odnt know any glues
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