Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mandy750, Oct 27, 2002.

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    hi i have just gone onto bt broadband with a bt voyager usb adsl modem and my downloads are really slow i use kazaa a lot and it takes forever to download things can anyone help and tell me how i can speed things up please
  2. davmail

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    Hi, Go Here: Take the speed test.
    Then download DRTCP and change the settings of your RWINand MTU settings that it recommends.That should really speed you up, it did me!
  3. I think BT are throttling some ports. I get slow download speeds on Kazaa using BT Openworld but if I use VPN to connect to my companies internet connection I get a much better download speed.
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    Kazar is a rated system...unless your rating is very high (ok I admit it I use the Kazar cheater tool) you will get slow downloads.

    I get faster downloads when I am at home then at I don't think BT are slowing the ports down at all.