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    Might sound like a right daft question but here goes....

    I've got 2 internet connections, both are 1.5meg with NTL in the UK. I've got 2 identical Netgear WGT624 routers and 2 users on each.


    Is it possible to bridge the 2 internet connections so i get a 3meg connection?

    Each user has a wireless card and standard network card in it if that makes any difference
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    I in no way see that possibly happening but hopefully someone who knows a little more will come and give you a better answer
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    I know that when I was working installing video conferencing equipment, we'd do that with ISDN lines, but it was aslo built into the equipment we were using.
  4. Petros

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    I just tried it last month with my internet here in Korea; I got DSL and Cable, hooked both of them up to my two NIC cards, and bridged them. Unfortunately, Windows will still only select one to use for internet connections.
  5. Reg

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    Yes, this is possible (sort of), but not with the hardware you have. You will need an enterprise-level router to "bridge" the two connections together. Or, more technically put, you'll need an enterprise-level router to switch between the two connections selecting the best path for data packet transfer. Basically, the router will forward data over the fastest path. Thus, if you are utilizing bandwidth on one, the shorter path will be the other. Unfortunately, you will not have a 3Mb connection. But, you'll have a more consistent 1.5Mb connection, especially over load.
  6. Zedric

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    Enterprise class hardware might not be necessary acctually. You either need one of those SOHO routers with dual WAN ports, which I understand will load balance across both connections.

    My router, a Zyxel Prestige 334, supports many-to-many address mapping in NAT (meaning several LAN computer can share several WAN ip:s). This should make it possible to use more than one connection for internet access. The router only has one WAN port however, so an extra hub or switch would be needed to connect the two WAN connections. However, if the router will load balance or not, I don't know. But hopefully it will. I myself only use one WAN connection.

    Not a bad price on the Zyxel considering all the features. There is a wireless version as well (334W).
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    This would depend on where the WAN connections are terminated, you should ask NTL.

    This will not make it load balance.

    The only way I know of to do actual "load balancing" (not round robing or asymmetric routing) is to use BGP. This requires enterprise level hardware and knowledge.