bridge / ics / 3comps 1 modem no hub

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by foog, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. foog

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    Hi, any ideas help answers appreciated, thanks for your time

  2. greensteed

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    Heh heh...a man of few words eh.

    I never saw anything like that before.
    I guess you could bridge it but I'm guessing.

    My suggestion.
    Get a hub.
    Better yet get a cable NAT router/4 port switch.
    An a drawing package (optional).

    Good Luck.
  3. foog

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    haha thanks, all good advice but none of its an option, i just did a fresh re-install so i only had paint installed, i'll try that setup out tommow, but i dont think it will work now i would need to bridge to 80.0.213.* in order to get web access its all too annoying so im installing my proxy again. who needs hubs when yourve got a billion network cards about the house !! direct connect with crossover works great everytime, thanks for the reply.

  4. Zedric

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    You need to bridge allright. Bridge and But I'm not sure you can since ICS already uses Post your results.

    Or if you have some old computer left over besides the cards, plug as many as you can into it and bridge the cards. Voila, a HUB! :D
  5. foog

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    hell yeah

    Yay *hops around in a circle*
    its all working, i will post detailed info tommow, but all comps have access to each other and the web useing ics and bridge, i have 4 little flashy comps in the right hand of my screen and its all good :) who needs a switch or a router!! hahah

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    i am posting this in the hope this might help someone if they need to setup the way i have, seems simple, and i suppose it is (now i know how).
    I did not think i would be able to do it by reading the help file in xp about not being able to use bridge and ics together, guess it means the ics server which you should never want to bridge anyway.

    right im going to re-write my firewall rules now, thanks for the help....