Bought a PC a month ago...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by meancode, Feb 24, 2003.

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    I got a PC a month ago this week. its the first PC i have ever owned (i have always owned a Mac. my current mac is a TiBook 500). i gotta say i am impressed. i have been writing about my experiences both good and bad. please check out my site: i try and post a couple things a day. wether it is about Mac or Windows remains to be seen, but most of the posts are about my computers.

    this site is an experiment, it is using Movable Type, wich rocks. its also the first time i have been able to really use higher level CSS for page layout because client needs dont always match what kinda stuff i want to do. so it is basicly my time to play with newer web tech. i am actually thinking about purchasing a commercial copy of Movable Type for my business site.

    anyways please check out my web log. i am having fun writing it.
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    checking it now :p
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    DAMN, you must be rich, bought a damn 3GHz!
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    I've been reading BW for a while now ;)
    I think it's interesting to see how you find windows, after being a mac user for so long.

    It just goes to prove that Windows isn't as bad as all the zealots say :p
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    heh, nope its not :D thanks every1