Both CD drives disappeared in Xp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by katerich, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. katerich

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    I hope someone can help me,

    We installed XP and had no problems, and then burnt a CD using NERO, the cd seemed to burn ok,
    but when we rebooted both the CD and CD-RW have disappeared. No drive listed in My Computer, and obviously i cant reinstall from CD

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. WAM

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    Have you tried going into system properties>hardware>device manager and scan for hardware, or to see if the hardware is there but not installed properly?

    Also does your bios see the cd roms (ie when you boot up)?

    you may also want to try add/new hardware in the control panel and detecting them, if not installing them manually.....
  3. katerich

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    It doesnt seem to recognise the cd's at startup, but did before and afer installing xp, also tried to install new hardware but cant find the cdrom from the list,
  4. WAM

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    Hmm odd that the drives would just dissappear...

    One obvious thing to check if the drives are actually powering up and working...i mean can you put a disk in it and hear it physically spinning up (just put an audio cd in and plug in some headphones into the socket at the front, and see if you can hear anything).

    also when you rebooted did you try last working configuration of xp?? (f8 on boot up)?
  5. GeeWiz

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    This happens a lot with various burning software. You can use this method to fix the problem:

    Go to your registry editor. (go to start run type in regedit)

    Find this key

    Highlight the CDRom Drive Key(s) delete the Values UpperFilters and/or LowerFilters

    Open Device Manager (Winkey-Break or start/run type 'sysdm.cpl / Hardware Tab)

    Remove the entry for the cd device(s) then restart.