bootvis is ruining my life!HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sonambula, May 8, 2002.

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    Okay. I've been surfing these pages for days now trying different things you all have recommended to speed up my absolutely HORRENDOUS boot times (sometimes upwards of 4-5 mins!!!!!!!!). I thought I was in the clear when i found bootvis a couple of weeks ago, but alas it's sweet goodness only works for exactly 1 boot. After that, things start to slow down (1 min on second boot, 1.5 on third, 2 on fourth, etc.). I end up running bootvis several times per week, as nothing else seems to work.

    Let me add a few details to the story to help any valiant savants out there. I first got xp pro about 4 months ago. I did an upgrade from my windows 98 OS and things were great for about 1 month. Everything slowed down dramatically all of a sudden and I was stuck with not only slow boots, but application hangs and everything else (sometimes take me 1 minute to run Word!!!!). Very frustrating. I decided to do a clean install of xp pro, and lo! everything worked fine again for 3-4 weeks. Then everything slowed down again much to my extreme dismay. I have tried many things to solve the problem, but the only thing that works is bootvis, but that only works for 1, 2 max, boots. Then all my apps slow down, boots slow waaaaaaaaaay down, and general HD access goes to s%$t. I'm at my wit's end. Bootvis is that tantalizing treat that works, but not really, so I'm constantly running it and I've begun to hate it. It is ruining my life.
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    I re-format and re-install every 2-3 weeks, maybe longer if I'm happy with system performance, can't really help you...

    I tried BootVIS, all it did was screw up my system...go figure?
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    Hi I am a computer tech in Seattle, I build and fix computers for a living. Relying on my experiences I would recommend that you get a new Hard Disk Drive for your computer. I believe your current HD is going bad. This explains why your computer is working fine for 2-4 weeks after a complete reinstallation since you have to format the drive. Sorry for the bad news :(

    I've seen this problem and similar ones many times and 90% of the time it was a HD issue