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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by toniagop, Apr 14, 2002.

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    I haven't had any problems since installing XP
    I have
    Athlon 1.2
    Geforce 3 video card
    512 memory
    all about or less than 1 yr. old & I had the system built at Maplins - more or less!
    Today it just refused to boot up. All I had were dark blue lines across a blue screen. My son opened it up & reset the Cmos & then everything was OK.
    Please can someone tell me why this happened as if any hardware is about to fail ie. motherboard, processor, graphic's card, I want to return them before warranties run out! The only other time he had to reset the cmos was when I was trying to install XP & had to swap the graphics card with an older one! Just couldn't install XP with the Geforce 3!!!
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    toniagop i hate sitting on a time bomb also :(

    The only thing to do is backup your data, and run some diagnostics on your hardware

    Docmemory for RAM

    SiSoft Sandra for other stuff
  3. toniagop

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    thanks Max, I keep a back-up on my d drive but where can I find Docmemory, please? When I boot-up the memory shows up OK. I'll get my son to run Sisandra as I don't know how to read rhe results!
    I ran a few benchmark tests on Freshdiagnose & in most of the tests, my comp scored the highest but like you say, I hate sitting on a time bomb!