Booting XP Pro system to DOS

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by moparmartin, Jan 16, 2002.

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    I tried to use the "repair" function by booting from the XP CD but it crashed, saying that my BIOS was not fully ACPI compliant. OK, so I go to HP and get an updated BIOS and read the instructions which say that I must create a startup disk by going to Add/Remove programs and select the Startup Disk tab but it is not there on my PC! I presume you need to boot to DOS prior to Windows starting because the insruction then go on from the A:/> prompt. I cannot find any info on how to get to the DOS prompt prior to starting XP Pro so how do I implement the BIOS upgrade?
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    your gonna have to goto and download their emergency boot disks, they did away with the whole make boot disk thing in 2K, XP...there is also a file on this forum somewhere that is a bootdisk that will boot almost any OS, I can't find the thread right now cause apparently i'm having a brain lapse so just look around for it, if ya wanna try that heheh
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    You can obtain the a bootdisk from.... (are you ready for this ??)...

    (well, what did you expect ???)
    it is easier than trying to find bootdisk files at microsoft

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    at a loss if your just flashing your BIOS why can't he just use a win98 boot disk and flash the bios not even looking at the os yet...then when it is done flashing take the disk out and boot to the os