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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Black_Pride, Feb 9, 2003.

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    Hi...I am booting from a windows 98 CD ROM to install 98 on a new Hard Drive.

    I get to the Format Partition Screen and it asks if I want to Create a partition. I say yes and it then proceeds to format the partition. The problem is it does a S---L---O---W format and Verify which takes like 45 min. Is there any way I can make it do a Quick format like on a WinXP installation??? I do not have that option on my menu like in Windows XP.

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    Smart Drive

    The utility to be used is "Smart Drive". The actual name of the file is smartdrv.exe. It can be found in a boot disk from windows 98 boot disk. It may reside on other operating systems boot disks, but I know for a fact that it is on the 98 boot disk.

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    If you have the xp cd you could insert that & boot up. Format the drive using the quick method you want then exit the setup. Might work.
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    If you are using a new HDD, chances are the drive is unformatted and you'll have to settle for the slow format. If you've previously formatted the drive, you may opt for a quick format, but only if you're formatting the same File System as done before.

    Todays 40+ Gig drives do seem to take forever to (slow) format... I've heard people say Partition Magic can do (quicker) formats. Don't know really, never use it.

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    Smartdrive btw, allows for faster copiing of files from the CD to the HDD when doing a Windows setup, not faster formats. You WON'T need this if you boot from the CD.

    Willem Moolenaar