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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by IDLE, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. IDLE

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    Ok specs first

    M2N SLI Deluxe
    2gig G.Skill ddr2
    xfx 7900gs pci-e
    ultra 500w PSU
    amd 5600


    went downstairs to do some stuff on the pc andi came to an error stating that the hardware that was installed was not i rebooted and i got error code beeps. 1 long two short. found it was video. reseeded video and that solved that problem. i then started to boot into Vista 32bit. i was able to log in and then i get a BSOD. it says something about the crash dump initialising. but nothing was happening pc had locked up

    so i rebooted and i tried to go into safe mode. before i get to windows i get this error: the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed checksum

    wtf does that mean? i tried searching but came up short. this is a new pc build thats about a week old and has been extremely solid. nothing has been OCed. There is not blue screen for this error message. its just a black screen with white text. I also tried to reinstll the os. it tries to boot to the cd and i get the error message stated above after it reads the OS cd.

    any help?

    i wasnt sure where to post this. move if need be. thanks
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  2. IDLE

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    Issue fixed.

    I did a BIOS update which fixed the checksum error. but now i couldnt get past the BIOS. found that I may have a possible DVD rom thats gone hay wire. once i disconnected this drive i can boot up and run very well now.
  3. dark3n666

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    yeh mate i got the same problem, error message saying :

    "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the compted checksum."

    i have vista home premium. specs are...

    Amd x2 4600
    2gb ddr2
    asus m2n sli-deluxe mobo
    nvidia 8800gtx

    ever since upgrading to vista its been running real choppy, and sometimes ill open a programme and it just wont open, frusterating as hell, and whenever it runs real bad i restart computer, and that error message comes up. ill try upgrade my bios and see if that fixes it but ill keep an eye on this forum to see what u come up with.
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    It sounds like a hardware compatability problem, and yea, I know it makes no sense that it would run fine for weeks then crap out. I would check for vista drivers for your DVD Rom drive and seek if you have the most up-to-date.
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    Hey Dark

    Definately do a BIOS update. Ever since ive done this Ive not seen this error message. Its been awhile since this happened but i read somewhere that the BIOS for these boards needed an update so that Vista sees all the proper hardware so there is no bootup errors or BSOD.
  6. IDLE

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    hey man, check out my posts. the first two are from april. my second post says that is has been solved. i found a bad dvd drive as my issue...