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  1. WHY WONT HIS CHANGE MY BOOT SCREEN I POINTED IT TO THE PLACE WHERE I HAVE THEM STORED ? !!! do i need to remove the file pertection ?
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    YES YOU DO ...... AND stop shouting ...LOL

    To disable System file protection:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\

    The relevant key is SFCDisable

    To disable:

    1.Set (or create) the SFCDisable to REG_DWORD 'ffffff9d'. (It should be currently set to '0')
    Windows will not clean up the files, so if you want to trash them, you can, but leave the folder.
    Check your event log and see that Windows has truly disabled it.

    Other reports on the 'net indicate that a value of '1' will disable WFP, but this seems to reset after another reboot.