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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cky, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. cky

    cky Guest

    what do you guys think of bootxp before i install it. im tired of the same ol boot up screen and was wondering what you guys thought about it and if theres any problems with it
  2. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    Great program. I wouldn't pay for it... but it does its job quite well.

    Just make sure u got the latest version. Previous version has SP1 issues.
  3. muzikool

    muzikool Act your wage. Political User

    I use it and it's a great free program. I haven't found a whole lot of boot screens that I'm crazy about, but I do have a pretty cool one that was copied from Windows 1.0 back in the early 80s. :happy:
  4. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I had problems with it messing up the image. Placing the progress bar in the default area, even when the boot screen has it somewhere else. I prefer LogonUIBootRandomizer, plus it is free. :happy:
  5. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    I see my boot screen about once a week. Even then it's only visible for about 3 seconds, it'll be a while before I get tired of it.
  6. Henyman

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