Boot windows 50% faster?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrick, Jan 15, 2002.

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    On this site is an explanation of how increase the startup. I did it and it works fine, I won 8 seconds during the boot process. that makes about 25 secs after the bios startup

    Grz! :p
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    Thanks for your responces.
    I'm amazed at the speed of the replies!
    That's exactly what I needed.

  5. ac6210sr

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    Windows booting speed greatly depends on your mobo. Don't use bootvis not worth it.
  6. Qumahlin

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    don't use bootvis not worth it? it shaved almost 20 seconds off my boottime, booting depends on ALOT more then mobo it depends on file locs, is comp on network or not, drive and cpu speed..bootvis helps alot by figuring out what can be initialized first and what can wait till after you've logged on
  7. ac6210sr

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    I didn't run BOOTVIS and i start my PC in under 15sec from power ON and shutdown in under 10sec using WindowsXP. Using Intel D850GB mobo P4 1.4Mhz CPU 256Mb Samsung RDRAM 40Gb Seagate HD & Geforce2 MX/MX 400 Vcard.

    Bootvis s*cks and it's only a compliment of Microsoft but not actually worth to run.
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    Well.... Don't know about all of you (especially when you say it only takes 15 seconds to boot - must not have anything big on that pc) but my computer went from a 60 second boot to a 31 second boot. I have Norton AV 2002 so that is most of my boot time right there... but almost a 30 second save time!!! WOW!! How could you actually say this is not worth it???

    OH yeah.. i have a 1.4ghz AMD THUNDERBIRD 640 MB RAM and a GForce 2

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    I think Bootvis is Amazing ... a real Boot up tuner .. along with the Boot speed Guide here it is a huge Boost

    I followed the Boot Speed guide and lost 20Secs off my boot time .. compared to win2K i couldnt believe the difference
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    Where is the Boot Speed Guide?
  11. Qumahlin

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    ok, I just had to say this, but has anyone noticed that in half the threads by ac6210sr is a bash against something? first it was amd processors, now, anyone can tell you bootvis rocks, some people it doesn't help, others it helps alot, but it never hurts so it can't suck as you say

    Also if your boot is really 15 seconds FROM WHEN YOU PUSH THE POWER BUTTON..not when you see the xp loading logo then go you, but bootvis will help other greatly
  12. phishhead

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    San Diego, California
    I think he is drinking to much san miguel or mojo...never heard of 15 sec boot time...and yes bootvis shaved off over 30sec off my boot up...or are you using the river water in your adobo.
  13. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    i boot in 16 sec.. (my 100th post yehha lol) and its all good .
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    That's a great bootup tweak article by Waddy. I used Bootviz already and shaved something like 15-20 secs off my bootup. I'll do some more tweaking and see how well it does. Right now I'm at about 40secs from power on the desktop loaded.
  15. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    btw i cant get bootvis to work.. it wont not sure why...
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    ac6210sr is using pasig river water for his adobo. Im pretty sure about that...
  17. RobbieSan

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    Do you have some services disabled? Bootvis needs task scheduler and COM+ event system to do it's thing. You can disable them afterwards.
  18. dan0421

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    Worked for me... boots in 1/2 the time. Simple! BIOS optimization is next.

    Thanks for the tip!
  19. Rod

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    The newer version of bootvis fixed a lot small bugs one being that if you had and IDE ATA Zip drive installed a disk had to be in the zip drive in order for bootvis to run a trace. Other than that all you need to do is make sure your services are running as stated in previous posts... This little bonus from M$ is great, I absolutley love it, I boot in around 26 seconds as opposed to the 43 seconds it took before running it... Just wish they would be as quick to put out the new power toys...
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