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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dnorris, Feb 4, 2003.

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    Perhaps someone can help me with this. I recently started having weird things happen to my computer, and every few days when I would turn it on, it would do an automatic disk check for inconsistencies on the hard drive/s. Inevitably it would find bad clusters in various files, and 'fix' them. The last time it did this, when it rebooted, it stopped after a message saying something like, "Fixed Disk 1: (and some numbers) "Fixed Disk 0: (numbers)" Then it lists the CD-ROM drives and says, "Hit <Del> to continue". I can hit the delete key and then it will continue to boot up and everything seems fine. But basically it won't fully boot now unless I hit the delete key. I also don't know yet if the bad clusters problem will continue to appear.
    Possibly related to all of this is that I also just found out I had two worm viruses. I was able to remove/fix both of these (today), but the reboot issue is still there.

    Any ideas how to get it back to booting normally?


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    I would suggest backing up anything that is impoortant on that drive, continuosly having new bad clusters appear on the hard drive generaly is a sign of the impending failure of the drive.
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    I agree!:happy:
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    Ehrm... I mean, yeah that sounds bad. :) Make a backup and consider getting a new drive.
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    As retahhc said , cluster error is a sign of h/d iminent failure.
    However if that is possibly a false reading brought about by the virus you may have, use "bootcfg /rebuild"in the "repair" windows section as a poss option to restructure your boot up.
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    My parents an old Packard Hell...err I mean Packard Bell that did the exact same thing right before the mobo crashed and burned. As is a common problem w/ all Packard Hell...err Bell products (glad they went under), when the mobo went, it took everything with it. The only (semi)useful thing I was able to salvage from the machine was the cd-rom (it lasted for about a month). Even the kick@ss 28.8 modem was toasted! And it was a bad mofrappin' modem at the time.
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    What file system are you using on these hard drives? I would convert both to NTFS if possible. I've had this problem or a similar one before, after you crash the computer once it seems to want to run scandisk about everytime you boot up. The other error message you were getting sounded like it maybe coming from the bios, try entering the bios and choose "detect IDE Drives" if you have that option.
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    Do you have a SMART option in the BIOS? If so, I would enable it (provided your drives support it too) and convert the drives to NTFS as Trinity stated.

    SMART can help warn you of impending distaster, sometimes before it is too late (hopefully). And NTFS has a much better filesystem scheme IMO.

    At any rate, I would definitely back up any data on your drive (or better yet, grab an image of the drive) before it goes belly-up. Of course this won't help if the problem is really the motherboard like Jahya suggested.