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    you said i should do a boot-time defrag, but how do i set this up? i have done a normal defrag in windows, but i still have the same problem, ie. loud grindy whirring at start of boot.

    if anyone else knows, please feel free to intervene.

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  3. thanks twozigzagcolt45 i tried that, and it did it's job, but it has not fixed the noises. thanks anyway, a useful util.
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    Perfect Disc will do a boottime defrag very nicely. It will defrag the directory, page file and windows root directory at boot time and everything else in a normal defrag.
    it can manage the layout.ini files (XP only) and boot files (XP only) obtaining perfect management for these files.
    Its the best and fastest I have ever used.
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    I second that with Perfect Disk 2000.
  6. great program, i did it's boot time defrag and i've just rebooted 3 times and had not a whisper from the previosuly grinding HD. cheers for the link, i only wish that it wasnt irritating 30 day trialware, and was freeware instead. oh well, hopefully wont need it again any time soon.
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    perfect disc is one excellant defrag program
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    If you are getting noises at boot up, is it having problems booting up, is the system hanging???

    It might be a Hard Drive problem. You should scan the surface of the HD (A full scan with "Scan Disk").

    I think you should still use "Scan Disk" to be sure that there are no "BAD SECTORS".
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    Great your problem was solved. Perfect Disk 2000 is the best defrag program I have used to date. Norton Speed Disk is alright, but Perfect Disk 2000 is far better. Like any thing of quality, it costs some money but well worth it.