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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dexter, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    Im thinking of buying a new HD.
    I need to know if anyone know if the is any software that lets you chose the os you want to boot
  2. dejav00

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    So, your trying to Install XP and another OS and have your PC ask you which one to boot from when it starts right?
  3. substance

    substance Guest

    windows xp will allow you to have a boot menu, i would just partition the drive into two then install one OS on one drive, then win2k or xp pro on the other, and it will allow you to choose which one you want to boot, i would install xp or 2k last though
  4. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    I meen!
    Is there any software that has some kind of nicer interface

    Like ther is linux software that is nice but im having some PB
    whit it.
  5. westy1

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    Just type boot loader in a search engine.
    I have just done it and came up with this >>>>>>>>>>>>>