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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Squid, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Squid

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    Duron 850
    K7S5A Board
    512 Mb 133 SDram
    20Gb Primary HDD (C)
    15Gb Slave HDD (D) (both hard drives attached to same ide cable)
    50 speed CDrom (E)
    Ricoh CD r/rw (F)(both cd drives attached to same ide cable)
    32Mb Riva tnt2 AGP graphics
    SB 128 PCI sound cardConnexant 56k internal modem.
    Windows ME

    Upgraded to Win XP pro over Win ME on above system.
    Two unsolvable (by me) problems occurred:
    When system is restarted I get a blue screen stating "non-mountable boot
    device found" and I have to restart system by powering off at mains (this
    works ok). The message on the blue screen says something about removing any
    new hardware and running an anti virus test. (Did both - no change). This
    only hapens when restarting/re-booting system while it is already running -
    powering on from off is no problem.

    Second problem is that XP installs Best data/Fax modem software for
    Connexant and recognises modem but won't detect dial tone when I try to
    connect - changing drivers and unchecking "wait for dial tone before
    dialling" makes no difference. System worked fine under Me.

    Any advice/assistance appreciated.

  2. bas

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    hmm i think xp is some fucking bullshit it has problems all the time so just reinstall me and be glad to have a fine working system.
    never change a running system :)
  3. Squid

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    Best advice I've had in a long time!


  4. bas

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    i just reinstalled me and all is wonderfull again :)