bolton to interperate his way

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    this is the same guy that dissregarded the administrations' own inteligence and proclaimed wmd's existed even thought the people that provided the info said they did not.

    I think it's absolutely neccessary for this guy to be able to say whatever he wants to say about anything at all.

    I mean, if he weren't able to do things like that, then we would not be engaged in Iraq and instead would have been forced to actually fight terrorism and the people that attacked us

    we couldn't have that now, could we...I mean, well, saddam would still be in power...sure, I know there are more terrorsts and more death, and more instability because of our effort in Iraq, but so what?

    at least it's not saddam killing all those people.

    bolton will be great

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't like castro either...he can probably make a case that castro is a threat too...we really have to over throw castro I think

    oh, wait...does castro have any oil?

    maybe he won't be next...keep tuned