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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gladner, Jun 1, 2003.

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    Networking is not something I've been afraid of in the past, but this wireless business has me a bit confused.
    My laptop has bluetooth capabilities and I would like to be able to use my laptop in a non ethernet wired part of my house.
    What do I need to do this? Do I need a special bluetooth router? Can I just buy an adaptor for one of my other computers and just share my internet connection? What sort of range can expect realistically?
    Thanks in advance
  2. RabidPenguin

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    Bluetooth has a range of about 30 feet. It also has a maximum throughput of 1.5Mbps.

    Yes you can just buy an adapter for your other PC. You would then need to set it up with ICS on that adapter.
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    yeah bluetooth is typically 10m range as RabidPenguin said, which may or may not be enough. If it isnt then you might need to look at Wireless Network card which can do a greater range at 11Mbps
  4. Kush

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    thats the standard guys.. my bluetooth adaptor gets 200 meters open range. but with walls it gets about 15 meters easy. and all u need is another pc with bluetooth and u request in my bluetooth places on the other pc to make a lan with it. then put in the settings to use the other pc as the gateway and the dns is the same also, use the same ip for the dns as the gateway. and it works great, yeah the speeds arent amazing, but atleast i get over 50 kbs. i have the msi bluetooth adaptor. heres a link to mine
    no pic availible on that page so heres a link to a pic

    also it is firmware upgradeable so incase the standard changes and the speed becomes more rapid.
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    theres 2 bluetooth clases as I'm aware of... the first being the ~10 metre range found in phones and some PC adapters - theres also the ~100 metre class.

    Once you've got a bluetooth dongle for your PC it should be fairly easy to link up to your laptop - if its within the 10 metre class would be preferable if its in the same room whereas 100m as themafia_69 stated works better in a open space - 10-15 metres through walls. You sould set it up similar to how you would set up a LAN connection (after bonding the two bluetooth (pc and laptop) devices.

    It'd probably be better if you went for a wireless card if you wanted to use it more heavily and have more flexibility.

    The onboard bluetooth was probably more intentially for other bluetooth devices such as mice/keyboards etc. hence would probably fall within the 10m class.

  6. Sazar

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    for regular (non bluetooth) wireless routers and whatnot... you can boost range by having access points and what not...

    are there bluetooth accesspoints that can be used to achieve the same goal ?
  7. Kush

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    yeah there is sazar. there are bluetooth access points. also bluetooth supports point-to-multi-points connections thats on the box of my dongle. as in a scatter plot if u know what i mean so actually instead of 7 u can have 64 devicesi think. i dont remmber where i saw that. but also mdsalih u can use it to commuinicate with cell phones cuz i do, my nokia 3650 its very nice, and also with my friends p800 and t610.