Blue screen?!?! (Not of death)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Leo, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Leo

    Leo OSNN Addict

    This is what happened:

    I was playing Ut2003 and then i turned off the computer for a while but when i turned it back on, my boot screen was all blue and stuff. The computer started fine but the background of the boot screen, instead of black, it was blue. Then when i got to my desktop, the colors didn't look right either.(32bit color was on all along)
    . After that, i rebooted (twice), and it was gone!!
    What the hell happened??
    Is my video card or monitor about to brake?
  2. Kaplunk

    Kaplunk Guest

    sounds like your monitor cable. had it happen with a few monitors over the years usulaly ones that get moved a bit. usually can get the colour back by moving the monitor cord a bit, but its on the way out in the long run.
  3. ntguru50

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    monitor cord possibly loose? 32bit was on all along...the watchtower??? Not sure what you mean. Maybe too much "brake" fluid ;-) Would need more info on hardware, it could be a shutdown/power off problem
  4. Leo

    Leo OSNN Addict

    It was the cord because everytime I move it, the blue comes in again.
    That was simple!
    Thanks guys!:)