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    Hi all, i got this major problem and its really annoying... whenever i play a game (Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Operation Flashpoint, etc...) i get this blue screen giving the above error message. Sometimes it appears after 5 minutes of play, sometimes after 30-60 minutes. Any solution for this or maybe somebody who knows the cause to this all...

    oh yeah, before i forget, 10 minutes ago i had a bleu screen saying 'PAGEFAULT_IN_NON_PAGE' or something, anybody knows what this is?

    I have an Asus A7V with the 1004D BIOS (not the latest but the best, i tried the latest - didnt solved the problem), i got 512 MB Ram. here's the rest of my hardware

    Radeon 64MB DDR - IRQ 09
    Soundblaster Live! - IRQ 09
    Promise ATA100 - IRQ 09
    Realtek 8029 - IRQ 09
    Realtek 8139 - IRQ 09

    djeezes, i didn't notice this all that every device i use is on IRQ 9 but it isn't giving any conflicts in the device manager so i think its okay... anyway, can this be the cause? and how to change IRQs of PnP devices?

    thnx in advance
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    Try to get your soundblaster on IRQ 11
    and the realtek on IRQ 10