Discussion in 'Green Room' started by renakuajo, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. renakuajo

    renakuajo Guest

    hi how can i connect to blibster??? i just downloaded and have try & try & try and no lick so far in getting connected....

    XP Pro
    Zyxel Prestige 642ME
    Dynamic IP
    256 RAm

    any ideas???
  2. sadsonic

    sadsonic Guest

    ..I dont know what it is, a dl. program like morpheus, n@pster...

    Maybe you cant connect, because of a firewall.. ?
  3. Soup4you2

    Soup4you2 Guest

    never heard of that program before.....

  4. renakuajo

    renakuajo Guest

    sorry guys its blubster , my mistake!!!:D

    just to quote no firewall not even xp built in
  5. LPDad

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