"Blast in Bali"

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by rick_422, Oct 14, 2002.

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    you may or may not of heard about a bombing in a popular Bali nightclub, that has killed 170 odd and a further 200+ are injured (sorry if my number are incorrect) with many Australian and international visitors at the popular spot
    my question is, how much coverage of this has there been overseas like in american and in europe and that
    i can tell you here in Australia the first 5 or more pages have covered it and it's been all over the news on TV
    but how much has been shown in other places??

  2. chastity

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    well here in the USA it was the last time I checked one of the top stories for just about every news cast I saw
  3. Alan

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    Yea its one of the top stories here in the U.K.

    This world we live in, just wtf is wrong with these sh*thouses that they have to go and blow up innocent people.



  4. Zedric

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    Top story in Sweden yesterday and today. The bombing in Finland the other day (8 dead in a mall, suicide bomb by chemistry student) feels awfully close in time. No religious fanatics then though.
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    yeah, thanks guys
    i just wasnt sure, because nothing had been said in these forums, and its hard to tell wether there was much coverage sort of thing, hard to tell.
    bloody shocking what happened, and the people that did this need to be dealt with accordingly...
  6. Gary Pandher

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    its sunday today n we got front page news
  7. Tabula Rasa

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    Was in the news in Israel... for a couple of mimutes... then it was back to the local problems.
  8. I was due to travel to Bali in the next two months, looks like that wont be happening now, even if everything is sorted by then the place isn't going to be the same.

    I will still be traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam though so all is not ruined.

    My sympathy goes out to those familes and friends who lost some 1 is this brutal and un-needed attack, I hope whoever is responsible dies in a very horrible way along with the rest of them that are are parasite on our planet.
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    mate, enjoy singapore, i was there a few weeks ago, it is bloody unreal over there!
    it was interesting, on the news, it had many families cancelling their trips, saying they wouldnt dare go there now...
    then it showed a few blokes, probably from a footy team on their end of season trip saying "yeah, we are still going, gonna have the time of our lives...woooooo!"
  10. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    you know whats truly sad?

    that most of us would not have known or even given 2 hoots about the blast had there been no american/australian/international tourists in the area involved...

    if there had been a regular blast in indonesia most people would just say oh.. its a local thing blah blah blah.... but now that international tourists are involved it is a terrorist activity and world wide news coverage is given...

    indonesian people are very nice on the most part... even with the whole java/sumatra issue and what not going on locally...

    I am just waiting to see when george bush in his monumental wisdom sends in the troops to blow the hundreds of thousands of islands to kingdom come coz of the alleged AL-qaeda links in indonesia...
  11. In every country in Asia I have visited the people are very friendly and nice and will always take time to have a chat with you and nearley always have a smile on their face.

    Sound people who dont deserve to be caught up in this BS that going on atm
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    Of course it is going to be headline stuff around the world, Bush has decided to blame Al Quaida, to get the aussies on side - irrespective of whether they were to blame or not.

    I am amazed that they have stated the washington weekday warrior isn't part of it.
  13. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    and now bush has the authority to use force on Iraq... and on national television he said he would lead an 'international' coalition into the country... I suppose after the blast in Bali he has an excuse to knock off all the 'terrorists' there as well...

    weekday warrior eh :) THAT I like lol... keep it coming EP

    it is partly the peoples fault... if you look at the political situation in indonesia... its not conducive to good democracy...

    I think we are still feeling the impacts of western colonialisation that fux0red up the world.. you can't set boundaries with various ethnicities that will collide residing within... does no one remember rwanda in africa? but it is easier to say well its the fault of extremists coz they don't understand civil rights...