blank audio cd and burn speed?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kush, Jun 29, 2002.

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    this post has two completly different questions so dont think they go together.

    first question is i have seen cd-r's that say for audio use only, so what happens when u try to put data on it and why does it say audio only??

    second question is when u buy cd-r media and it has a specific burn speed can u bypass it or will it screw up the cd? and why do cd-r's have a limit why cant the companies just release ones that say all speed for new cdwriters coming out in the market?

    hope i havent bored u out! haha:eek:
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    the audio cdr's are for the standalone burners ment for just that aduio that philips burner in the commercial seein a guy make a party mix.....

    why cant they make a cdr to cover all speeds.......CAPITALISM:)........why would they want to do that when they can eek out a lil bit at a time and we just keep buyin it up.........i ask the same thing bout cpu's:)
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    So your saying they could release a 100x burner and 100x compliant CDRs? :D
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    wouldnt doubt it:)

    prolly have 1000x burners and 1000000000000000ghz chips too but if they releaseed it now how could they make money:)........our top of the line prolly their table scraps:)
  6. I'm sure CD's would melt had going that fast.

    I could be wrong.