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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tronmaster, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. tronmaster

    tronmaster Guest

    I finally got the lastest update to BlackIce when it was compatible with Windows XP. Well, it seems that Windows XP has a nasty habit of rebooting on itself.

    Has anyone got BlackIce to work?

    I don't remember if I disabled the MS firewall. I think I did...maybe I didn't.
  2. dudette

    dudette Guest

    Works on my PC no problems.
  3. tronmaster

    tronmaster Guest

    Actually while scrounging the net. I found out BlackIce and Norton Anti-Virus does not work well with one another at startup. There is a hack fix. So will try this tonight and see what happens.

    BTW...did you disable MS Firewall or left it on?

  4. wrangler

    wrangler Guest

    better firewall

    get ZoneAlarm is far superior to BID
  5. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    Re: better firewall

    IMO zone alarm is just too buggy ... let black ice run, it does the trick ...
    and no i aint encountered ne problems

  6. wrangler

    wrangler Guest

    if you think....

    if you think ZoneAlarm is too buggy, it sounds like you haven't tried recent versions...which are very stable and bug free. I am glad to hear that you have no problems with BID...accept for the fact that if you did have a trojan that your A/V didn't catch, it would be calling home and you wouldn't know you had a problem, because BID does NOT watch/protect for outbound...only inbound...

    I know BID has recently tried to claim that they did protect vs outbound, but their claims were already proven false in testing. So, while BID may give you no is also only giving you half the protection a proper firewall should.....
  7. 1bLaDe1

    1bLaDe1 Guest

    lol whoops, i ment buggy as in keeps biggin me :D u know askin to let thiz and that prog access the internet, iz pretty secure but nags me sometimes ...

  8. existenz

    existenz Guest

    according to some people i know, avoid Black Ice Defender like the plague with XP...

    just some opinions...
    Zone Alarm works very well...:)
  9. wrangler

    wrangler Guest

    Blade, to stop that annoying..."do you want...." go into the configuration tab of ZoneAlarm, and authorize your trusted apps (game exe's etc....) to access the internet and/or server and it will stop alot of those questions....just leave e-mail on a per ask basis! hehe
  10. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo Guest

    i used zonealarm with win xp but it started playing up so i got rid and now i use sygate, in my opinion it's far superior to zonealarm, get it from