black hawk down game problem

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by dirtfarmer, Dec 4, 2004.

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    ok here goes i have delta force blackhawkdown platinum pack, that with the team sabre
    ok i have a few question

    (1) one is, as you know when you load or install i should say. file folder called novalogic is created in program files, ok what did i create a group of new file in window explorer, like like documentsand setting/owner/start menu/program/arnold game

    i did so to put all program in order like game. photo. etc etc., but i notice something, when i now put the cd in CD ROM the play option is Grey out, but if i click the link in program file it played the game i mean ?????????????????????/

    (2)i complete all the campaign under hawk down, in single player mode, now i find the game under team sabre-iran and Columbia are grayed out, and i can not play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why ??????????????????????////

    (3) also can one save the play game in black hawk down, as a file so in case one had to reinstall the game , one could put the file back in to start where he left off, in case i had to format hard drive