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Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Dublex, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Hello All,

    I've just recently got a strange problem in Windows 7, It reports the downloading speed is far lower than it is in reality - so I end up say in firefox with it saying its downloading at 100kbs a sec but it gets half way through the download then completes (and properly as well, as it suddenly shoots up to 100%)

    Anyone got any idea what could be causing it? Don't think its the LAN card, as it can copy stuff from my XP box fine. Don't think its the BT router I have as well, as that is reporting 2MBit stream (another issue I think but not one that can be solved here but with BT).

    Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved. I can only think its something to do with Avira and Win 7, but I doubt its that as I have experimented knocking out the firewall and the problem still remains.
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    Do you have a DSL connection? It sounds like the problem I get when someone plugs the wrong line into the wrong hole in the line filter.
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    Does it happen with downloads larger then a FF download? If not my guess is the download is finishing before your "actual" speed can be calculated, as it's all based on averages.
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    try downloading the same file in ie8 or some other browser if it does it in all of them you have an issue, if its just ff it narrows it down