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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TR!GG3R, Jun 25, 2002.

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    Everybody says up the fsb or sumit or other to overclock :confused: okay i guess its in the bios so i go into the bios n look 4 it n i think i find it but its greyed out :( so how can i change it ? btw this is a shop bought pc specs are AMD Athlon XP 2000 with a Ge-Force 4 MX420 :( and 256 DDR (2100) 4 usb ports 2 front 2 rear modem with firewire thingys built on to it a nic card 40 gig h/d runnin xp pro so can any 1 help me up the fsb to overclock ? ps i think the bios is award software internatinal inc version 6.00 PG so any ideas ?!?!
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    I think you have to short some contacts or something then you need to use User Settings or User Defined as the speed settings. You will have to set the FSB and the clock multiplier.

    Search about Yahoo for Overclocking sites.
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    im sorry but that made no sense wot so eva to me :confused:
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    any chance you can provide any motherboard info coz that would help..

    I assume you are trying to oveclock your cpu ?

    the board info will help coz I am sure there are people who can tell you what to do with different hardware :)
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    Download application call BIOSMOD. Run Modbin from within BIOSMOD and enable what has been greyed out!. Save, then flash new BIN file.! (More info at Bianary's BIOS).