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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nuggies, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. nuggies

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    i would like to update the bios on my system,but im a newbie to this,my currant bios american megatrends version 062710.can anyone tell me where i can get an update ,and how to install it.
  2. Iceman

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    The best way I've found to install new bios is to go the motherboard man. site and find the correct bios for your motherboard, usually there they will give u detailed instructions on how to do it, follow their instrustions to the letter.

    word of warning if u screw up the upgrading of the bios, u got major problems. :(
  3. Taurus

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    nuggies, either post your motherboard brand (abit, asus, epox, gigabyte, msi, etc..) and model here so we can help you, or go to their site and find your motherboard and there should be a link to download the latest bios.
  4. griabandia

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    i had to flash my bios in dos and i mean true dos not the windows xp emulation. which means formating a floppy with it.