BIOS settings for a ASUS A7V

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mac74, Dec 16, 2001.

  1. Mac74

    Mac74 Guest

    Howdy! Im wonderin what would be the best BIOS settings for my MOBO? My specs are as follows:
    1.4ghz T-bird
    ASUS A7V 133
    512mb Kingston RAM
    IBM 60GXP 40gb
    ATI Radeon 64mbVIVO
    Soundblaster Live! X-Gamer5.1
    Plextor16x Burner

    What would be the optimal BIOS settings for this setup. My priorities are gaming :), and internet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Big B

    Big B Guest

    I've got the A7V, not the 133, but make sure you're RAM is set to 133, not 100, and up the CAS to 2--if possible. Turn off stuff like on-board audio, serial and parallel ports, if you don't need them. Try upping the AGP drive strength, but that's just a personal preference and not necessary.

    Oh, yeah, overclocking can help (sure, let's OC an already hot CPU:rolleyes: )
  3. Mac74

    Mac74 Guest

    Thanks alot man! Yup that proc is pretty warm. I plan on overclocking it a little when I get my hands on an Alpha PAL8045 heatink and a good fan. :) Thanks again!

  4. Big B

    Big B Guest

    Heh. Have a good one. I'm gonna be upgrading my AMD rig shortly--well at least the mobo and ram. The PSU and CPU will have to come later, as I can't afford the whole thing at once, *sigh*