Bios Restart Problem!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kramer2K, Aug 8, 2003.

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    Ok, so here's the deal. Whenever I restart my computer, the bios will load and do the memory check, but it then freezes and for about 30 seconds afterwhich is says that it can't detect any disks on my secondary IDE channel (I have a DVD-master and CD-RW-slave). Windows will then start up fine w/o any problems identifying the drives.

    The crazy thing about this is that the bios does not have any trouble finding the drives if the computer is shut down and then I manually turn in on.

    It just recently started doing this, and I have no idea why! I tried to update the bios, but that didn't do a thing. Any help would be very very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance..
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Maybe check you boot order & turn off those not wanted, maybe turn off all. You can always turn it back on when needed.
  3. Kramer2K

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    No, it has nothing to do w/ the boot order....I've tried disabling the ability to boot from both the floppy drive and the optical drives w/ no change...

  4. jonifen

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    check the jumpers on the back of all drivers, making sure that the first is "master" and second is "slave".

    my own system at home, i have a 40gb seagate barracuda IV as primary master, a 16x pioneer DVD as secondary master and my 52x LG cdrw as secondary slave.

    works fine :)

    also, try setting the devices in the BIOS as user-settings rather than letting the BIOS auto-detect.
  5. Kramer2K

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    The jumpers are set the right way, so that's not the problem. And as for the user-settings instead of auto-detect...My bios only has Auto or that sucks...