BIOS doesnt load my hard drive correctly

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Stealth_Shot, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Recently I purchased a 80gig Maxtor hard drive off the Internet. The drive worked great for a few months. Now, when I boot up my computer on the one screen (with the energy saver logo) it displays Primary Master:None and then it correctly displays my other hard drive. I have the 80 gig hard drive set to the IDE primary master. The strange thing is, when I go into my BIOS and look at my IDE drivesm the BIOS correctly autodetects my drive. I also have my drive set to autodetect. Yet, when the system boots, it refuses to display my drive. Can anyone help me?
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    Make sure all the cables are firmly seated. That goes for individual wires of the cables also.
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    I have checked the IDE cable and power cable, and they seem to in correctly. What do you mean by the "individual wires of the cables"?
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    i am no tech expert but he probably meant the actual wires that go into the plug....check them. also download the diagnostic tool from maxtor website and do a full check...
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