Bin Laden near capture.

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Kirrie2001, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. Kirrie2001

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    He`s got no afterburners.

    Note from Lactic: it's BIN laden, not ben laden =)

    Note from Kirrie2001: Time to have eyes tested Lactic. Look again.
    Although, I think it should be bin liner.:D
  2. O_o

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    LMFAO I'm pretty sure he will have to surrender soon or be captured.
  3. RobbieSan

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  4. Bootsy

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    Miami, Fl
    He will die before being captured..damn shame too. Imagine what we could do to him...Ill start by injecting sulfuric acid into his ballz
  5. O_o

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    Even if he was captured, just imagine how long he would live. Ever had a pissed off Marine on your ass? Just think about a pissed off American :)
  6. Perris Calderon

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    best off if he's not captured alive, last thing this world needs is a media magnet the likes of him...don't think getting him helps us, of course we'll all feel good, but his successors are allready in place, and there are more successors then there needed to be, as our president selected waited a month before doing anything about those training camps, and of course those camps disspersed around the world by the time we did anything at all.
  7. joeblogs

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    Maybe they might flush him out with one off these. The latest in anti-terrorism missiles from the usa.
  8. Electronic Punk

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    I thought that the ol' yanks had just left the brits to clear up after em as usual..

    Flame on :D
  9. Kirrie2001

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    Nice one joeblogs, are those missiles American cops?:D or am I becoming irashernal?
  10. joeblogs

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    Never met an american cop before so i can't comment on that one. But here is a self portrait of bin laden, done late last year apparently. [​IMG][/IMG]