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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Homer, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Homer

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    Hi all.

    I'm French so please excuse my possible mistakes.

    From time to time (it occurred also in Win2k) my computer under WinXP freezes or even reboots automatically. That's the first problem.
    The worst is that when I reboot, I see weird letters in the BIOS : all the letters in the BIOS during boot seem to have been mixed. I give you an example : "T┬Ápe Fy to entur cqnfigzratiok men8" :)

    I thought first that my video card (a GeForce 256 with the latest NVidia drivers) was overheating, so I bought a new cooler but it happens again :(

    What could be the problem ? Overheating of the CPU ? Problem with my RAM ?
    I'll add that I didn't change anything in my hardware configuration when the problem started.

    Any idea ? Thanks.


    Athlon 500 - Asus K7M - 256 Mo RAM (PC 100 and PC 133)
    GeForce 256 SDR
    SB Live! 1024
    HD IBM 10+13 Go
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    Well, to quell the fear from the automatic rebooting, Win 2k/xp reboots automatically when it bluescreens. There are settings for this under "System->Advanced->Startup and Recovery->Settings->System Failure" there's a checkbox called "Automatically restart" and that's why your computer has been restarting.

    The problem could be bad RAM, could be overheating processor, could be your video card (though not as likely to affect your bios the way you describe it). It's tough to tell. Only thing you can do is start with one thing and go around until you find what fixes it...
  3. Goatman

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    I remember that when I didn't have the settings in my BIOS set correctly it would act weird like that, and most times it wouldn't boot at all and it would say

    "BmG" on the screen, it was really weird, anywho, I turned enabled a option in the CPU Speed Settings in my BIOS and it works fine now, even overclocked. so I dunno.
  4. Lonman

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    I'd suggest getting your newest bios flash and getting it flashed asap. This will put everything to default settings. When you describe your problem my first thought is a worm. there's virii out there that will flak your bios chip and the only cure is getting a new one. Make sure you have a really good virus utilitly running and reflash your bios is my suggestion.