Beta testing for .Net Enterprise server...!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Naughtyboy_2000, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Is there anyone here exept me who signed up for beta testing Microsfts upcoming server OS..??
    A couple of weeks ago me and my company sgned up for testing it. No I´m experiencing some problems....seems to find my the device manager..but when I start tells my there are none.

    Just can´t play music or watch mpegs..!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Anyone had similar problems..? :confused:
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    well i have recieved that problem, u know what i cant find a fix for it, and u know what it is only BETA, so its like common to recieve problems, i bet BETA RC2 will have a fix
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    I can't get any sound to work either. I just get the internal system beep for errors. .NET RC1 is still beta software, as well as a server OS (how many people would use enterprise server equipment for playing MP3s/Movies?). Beta software isnt supposed to work perfectly, you should expect everything not to work.


    Note To Mods: Microsoft makes a time limited demo of the RC1 beta of Windows .NET Server avalible to anyone who signs up. The RC1 of .NET Server is NOT warez, and freely avalible to the public. Do not delete/edit posts asking about the Windows .NET RC1 Beta unless it includes activaiton or time-limit cracks
  4. i could see where they wouldn't be concerned with sound, its beta and also advanced server. any machine its going to go on, enterprise size machine with 4 or more processors, a ton of memory or in a cluster, i doubt will ever have speakers on it or play mp3's..........
  5. Well guys...I´m totally with you is a beta I know...had XP as an RC1..and I know it is not finished.

    But...I have to go aginst you when you say "It is a server OS it doesn´t matter if the sound works or not". It is an OS and ther "SHOULD" be sound..still. Im sure this will be fixed. :)

    This was just some questions I asked to see if mabyeI did some thing wrong or if it was the OS being beta...that didn´t give me the sound.

    "So plzzz just chill fellas" ;) ;) ;)
  6. and i was saying being a server OS from their view point sound want probably on top of list of things to worry about to get working first, is not something someone usually looks for in advanced server........i wasn't busting anyones balls just looking at it from their view point
  7. Well m8...I hear you...and I´m with you.

    But it just fellt like you guys thought that I was an dumbass not understanding this is an beta RC1..and not everything works perfectly.

    Well well...whatever :D :D :D how do you guys who tried it out feel about it...???
    Somehow it feel tlike it handled the physical memory and pagefile better...than for example WinXP.

    Whats your thoughts..??