Best ROUTER to shop for?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fedele, Apr 2, 2003.

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    I need one with the following characteristics. I would appreciate good advice on what brand to shop for:
    · OSPF (Open Short Path First) protocol.
    · V.35 seraial routing interface.
    · Conector interface Winchester.
    · Internet Protocol

  2. silky62678

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    If im not mistaken a cicso routers does all the above. U may want to research it first
  3. Indomidable

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    :happy: Actually every buisness class router will do what you want!

    Winchester?? never heard of this type. I know of the Telescope company, and the Coaxle one, doesn't matter.

    Do you have a Cisco Certified employee (Discounts for this)

    You can also get one of equal or better for less $$ from Nortell.

    *I reommend getting the info direct from both of these companies.
    [Cisco and Nortell] and you make your decision based on that.*

    As for the Protocols your router would run that's part of the Install process. You have your choices of what you want to support.

    -Tip- NEVER buy one with Floppy-Bootable(Here at work I'm in charge of 2 and they suck when they drop)