Best photo paper for Canon i950?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Digerati, Jul 1, 2003.

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    I just bought a new Canon i950 photo inkjet printer and finally got the output to look almost as good as I was hoping. At first I used high quality Kodak photopaper but the results were pretty subpar, after going out and getting some actual Canon photo paper the results were much much better.

    My questions is if there is any way to get the printer to play nicer with the kodak paper (of which I still have alot) and if there are any other papers that work well for printing out pictures, other than just the Canon branded paper?

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    I have a Canon MF 30 and tried some cheap (generic office max)photo paper and I thought my $300 printer was a piece of crap. It soaked the paper and the ink would not dry. I called tech support and they sent me a new printhead. They suggested that I use Canon Photo paper and when I tried it, wow. I didn't need a new printhead after all. Canon just likes it's own brand of paper.
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    I have a Canon S-850, and I also have the same problem. The only photo paper that works well, other than Canon's , is Office Depots brand. Its not as good as Canon's but close. Hope I could be of some help.
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    I've seen this sort of thing with other printers, as well. I'm told that it has to do with how the printer applies the ink to the paper. i.e., an Epson uses a cold-process and the Epson is the only non-thermal paper on the market. Use HP or Canon paper with an Epson 925 or C82 and it seriously looks like garbage. Lexmark printers prefer Kodak paper, HP with HP, Epson with Epson, and Canon with Canon. *shrugs*

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    thanks for the all the info.

    anyone know where i can get canon photo paper for a cheap price?