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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by TrIpWiRe31337, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. In search of a good OS for games. I have winxp,win2k, and win98. win98 is buy far the best, because all games work with win98! Haven't use WINME!
  2. War

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    I have the Same Setup

    I have All three that you have and I think that '98 is compatiable with all the games out there but Xp and 2000 have the better allround stability and memory handling, so it's a trade off for system stability to compatability, personally i think that XP is doing a damn fine job of playing games as it's only a few months old and '98, even '95 have had all these years to be compatiable with games.
  3. geedUP

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    dont go near winME it will just crash!!!
    98 is the best(for games), try and get 98se :)
    but all new games support 2k/xp
    so unless you want to play old games go with xp, i play lots of new games and they all work fine
  4. ZeroChaos

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    I brought the Windows ME upgrade version, and I didn't have a single problem with it. Maybe 1 BSOD a month but that's better than what the majority of what ME people got.

    But 98 rules for gaming. Shame game companies will be phasing out development for it. :(
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Wow, putting 3.1 and 95 on the same tab! WIndows95 was a milestone for gaming, I remember seeing my first screenshots of Doom running in a window!!

    Also aren't Windows98 and WindowsMe ... the same thing ;)
  6. ZeroChaos

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    Hmmm, I never realised that before... Microsoft selling us the same product twice under a different name :)
  7. my problem is, that I can't get the games to install with XP. the only game that does install is Max Payne, that game is great. So thats why I was looking into win98, or winME.
  8. Zeny

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    Re: Windows XP, no question about it!

    So, if is no question about it then explain it to, why Max Payne and Voyager Elite Force do not work on my mashin, Quake III, Red Faction are fine.
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    Alecstaar hit the nail on the head

    XP for sure, ALL my games work great, no problems here

    Maxpayne and Star trek are ok on my box ..

    Zeny : whats your XP machine specs , we might be able to help you
  10. Electronic Punk

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    Both Elite Force and Max Payne work if you have the latest patches
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    Windows XtraPerfect

    I’ve used them all, DOS, Win3.1, 95(a, b and c), 98, 98se, ME, NT, 2000, and now XP. I must say that XP out performs them all. I have all the power I could ever want with the stability I demand and something that looks visually stunning.

    I think Bill really has listened to what people want, I have had no problems with any software, and only a couple of minor driver issues (caused by Creative, not Microsoft).

    I have looked at a few Benchmark test it does suggest that 98se is slightly faster but does it stay that way after installing a ton of software, I think not.

    A friend who was running XP decided to go back to 98se and now regrets doing so as he doesn’t seem to have half of the capabilities he does with XP.

    I know it may look different and some people may find it difficult to navigate to areas they use, but stick with it and impress your friends with your knowledge of Windows XP.

    Mike Tasker
  12. Electronic Punk

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    Elite Force, imho, is between Quake III and Return to Castle Wolfenstein in terms of technology, its single player but doesn't use teh team arena engine - as I can tell by the teeeenu maps, if those two games work, I see no reason why Elite Force won't work, like I said before just make sure that you have the latest patch (adds Jeri Ryans voice - rowr) as well as all the windowsupdate critical updates, as this apparently resolves some issue (that I wasn't having either)
  13. Speed4Ever

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    Elite Force does use the Quake 3 engine, although it is a slightly modified version.


    Make sure your not using the XP default video drivers. They dont have OpenGL compatibility.

    BTW, whats your system specs? This info would help troubleshoot the problem.
  14. AndyP

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    Windows ME has been the fastest gaming OS for me, but XP isn't far behind. It's not as fast perhaps, but much more stable. I haven't manage to crash a game in XP yet, and that happened a lot in 95/98 i recon. ME was also crashproof for me, although I know a lot of other have experienced problems with it.
  15. Speed4Ever

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    I tried out ME for while, because W2K was having problems with some of my games. But my computing habits require that I run a LOT of programs all at once (IOW, I'm just too lazy to shut things down :D ). While I may have had problems in W2K, ME absolutely dogged down under my usage, and my biggest problems with it were resource depletion, and the fact that I felt like I was walking on eggshells the whole time. W2K didnt have these problems.

    XP, while obviously containing bugs of its own, is more than stable enough for my uses. I can play games perfectly while still keeping those apps running, and they'll be there when I close out the game. Heck, I even inadvertantly ran Q3 while the SETI client was running, and I didnt even notice it till afterwards :D .
    This shows the superior multitasking and memory-management XP has. And DX8 is better integrated into the HAL, so games work better than in W2K in most cases. SWEEEET!!!

    The only problem I had was when I had to reinstall due to major file corruption, which may have been caused by a hiccup from my IDE controller, I dunno, never did figure it out.
    So, XP isnt perfect. But its indeed leagues ahead of 98 and ME.
  16. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Yeah, built on top of Quake III technology, still has that QuakeIII polished feel, as does RTCW.
  17. Big B

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    ME makes me hurl

    Without going into vent mode, let's just say ME was the reason I went to Win2k, which was only upgraded recently to XP Pro.
  18. Shover Bot

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    Er let's see here. XP has better stability, and has 98esque compatibility, therefore xp = win! I'm a hardcore gamer, and you're going to get me to switch to anything other than XP over my cold, dead mouse weilding body.
  19. Nismo83

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    haven d/l it yet but will do by this weekend..
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    Win9x by far is most supported OS's by games as far as running weather you have new or old hardware even 2k can do most better than XP with older hardware

    but XP on the other hand doesnt like for you to have old stuff in gaming as much as ive noticed ive never once got a blue screen in ME or 2K on my games but in the very same games i will in XP because it doesnt like my vid card(it being ancient).
    but it is way faster in terms of memory n so on then ME when i got XP i had ME just b4 with 64mb ram and it still doubled if not trippled performance when i got the rest of my ram it helped more in both and 2k runs sweet lol so all in all it depends on your hardware and so on on which OS is choice for gaming mine prefrence atm is 2k .
    although i do have 2k and XP dual booted and both run great i pretty much do my gaming in 2k for the simple fact i dont get any crashes.