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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by loppdawg69, May 1, 2002.

  1. loppdawg69

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    Ok guys need some help...I am offering home computer help to a user who is looking for good OCR software..the best that i know of is Omnipage Pro 11, but this person is not wanting to spend $500 for software, Does anyone know of any fairly good software for around $50-$70 range??
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    60 degrees celsius... you should really cool that down alittle bit!

    oh and by the way... i dont know about the ocr program!

  3. loppdawg69

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    lol i know i should...but i am broke lol...i am buying the volcano 7
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    by the way.. prolly not a good idea to keep posting your IP, might attract some dummass script kiddie wannabe hackerz. Just a thought!

    oh and by the way.. i am seeing your temp at 66C now. I would remove the side off your case, this should hopefully lower it about 5C in the mean time.
  5. loppdawg69

    loppdawg69 Guest is an internal IP un reachable from the outside..its behind the firewall/router lol i know..the heat is bad lol i just read AMD site saying that 90 C is the max temp but i still dont wanna go past 65...i am waiting to buy my cpu fan
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    LOL @ "unreachable".... hhahaha. In that case, nothing can be hacked! right...:D
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    lol everything can be hacked..but i dont mind i got 5 comps and one is the server that stores everything...i dont keep any data on my comp...i format to much
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    well loppdawg.. its been nice seeing ya here...LOL

    why do i say this? cuz your CPU @ 76C i dont suspect you will be here much longer:D

  9. loppdawg69

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    lol its been runnin like that for days...thier max is 90 hopefully ill never go above 80
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