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Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by omgsoup, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. omgsoup

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    right, so i figure i'll get a laptop in time for college (fall of 2003), and i was wondering what to get (in terms of which brand, i know the type of specs i want). i've heard dell and tosihba are good, maybe an alienware. i'm going to go for the best laptop avalible (well, as long as its not much more than $3,000).
  2. jawshoouh

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    alienware area-51m = $2652.00

    some specs:
    Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.4GHz
    400MHz FSB w/ 512KB Cache
    Hi-Performance Heatsink/CPU Cooling Fan
    Intel® 845MP+ICH3M Chipset - FC-PGA 478PIN
    DDR 512MB DDR PC-2100 - Two SO-DIMMs
    40GB IBM Travelstar 5400 RPM ATA100
    ATI Mobility RADEON 7500 64MB DDR
    Sound-Blaster Compatible 3D Audio
    3.5 3-Mode Floppy Disk Drive
    8X DVD / 8x4x24 CD-RW w/ Software MPEG2 Decoder
    Integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet NIC
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  3. Taurus

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    Dell Inspiron 8200 with a 2GHz P4, Geforce4 Go 440, ultra sharp screen, burner/dvd combo drive, lots of other stuff... and highly customizable. between $2000 and $3000.