Best Firewall ????????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DragonHeart, May 19, 2003.

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    Can someone help as in to tell me which is the best Firewall out thier (Software) as im having problems with Norton so ive had to get rid of it, and im looking for a good replacement......................

    Is the Xp built in firewall enought these days ?? or should i opt for another ???/

    Anyway which is the best i dont mind paying for a good firewall :)

    Thx for any help
  2. Enyo

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    Hi, please search this section your question has been answered many times so there is no need to go into lengthly details in another thread.


    Just for starters!

    You will see from the threads that XP Firewall is not enougth, it only secures inbound traffic. And Kerio PF is very popular and free

    If you want to know about a specific firewall after reading the info in the other threads let me know.
  3. alloy25

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    I went though this a week ago and found ZoneAlarm very good and compatable with is very much like NIS and it is getting things that NIS is missing ??????

    Others are Sygate, Kerio, F-Secure.......

    As Enyo suggested loook at the threads and do a search of the forum.....there are a lot of topics on this