Best burning program?

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    this is more of a software question. I used to have a program that could copy cds even if they were protected.... i think it was called CloneXXL or something anyone know where i could get that again?
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    that would be clone cd u can get that here. another great burning program is nero, u can get it here
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    i use cdrwin for practically everything - damn good programme and very easy to use. goto if you want to check it out


    i mean........

    i need a program that lets me burn cds even if they are protected... i think it was called CloneXXL but i forgot. I know that program could see the protection and then bypass it.
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    Check out This site for everything you'll probally need to copy protected CDs.
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    CloneCD is the program for copying protected CDs, it is a small program, which has a very basic interface, if it sounds familiar then that is what you are looking for


    its called ClonyXXL

    Thanks for the link outback i found it its called ClonyXXL it works with clonecd to identify if a cd has protection or not.

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    check here for information about proteted cd's
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    I use a program called CD Mate and it has since replaced every burning program I have Except CloneCD because I haven't figured out how to get it to recognize the .ccd image format if I happen to get one from the newsgroups. The really nice thing about it is that it has a copy protection wizard that lets you choose the mode of protection employed from a drop down menu and then automatically makes the necessary settings. They also have a database of games, programs, etc and their respective copy protections, much like GameCopy world. It works flawlessly in Windows XP with my Plextor Burner and I didn't have to go through the ASPI BS that I did in Windows 98.