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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by morytz, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. morytz

    morytz Guest

    hi, whats the best audio quality burnign software. i noticed some programs make ur cds sound liek shyet, and some sound good.

    anybody got any ideas which is the best. please post some feedback the more we get the more we can discuss and maybe we can all improve our audio sound :)

    yey for us.

  2. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    EAC or Cdex with lame and 192k - some people like to use extreme also ... But 192 is good .
  3. morytz

    morytz Guest

    are these programs that BURN cd's, or are these programs that RIP cd's into mp3's because im confused
  4. lechtard

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    Eac will burn the cd as well - sorry I mis read your post ... Are you talking about making an mp3 cd or just copying an audio cd ???

    If you are talking about copying a cd using any cd copy prog will work - Usually I use Alcohol. or what you could do is use EAC to copy the cd and burn it with that ..

    If you are talking about making an mp3 cd, then usually what I do is use EAC with lame to encode it to 192 .. then use nero make the cd - some programs will automaticlly convert the mp3 back to wave - nero does sometimes, the sound quality is pretty good .. the higher the bitrate though the better the quality, it's all based on preferences. Some people argue that 128k is cd quality, some say that 256 is cd quality - Truth of the matter is 192 is acctual cd quality ..

    Hope this helps ...
  5. morytz

    morytz Guest

    well, i have a bunch of mp3s on my pc... and i want to burn them onto a regular audio cd. now, i am just looking for the BEST program to copy my mp3s from my computer and record them onto an audio cd (not data - which would be mp3) in teh best possibly quality. let me know :)
  6. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    since you already have the mp3's on you pc - burning them to a cd will be good enough, the quality they are now is based on what was used at the time they were ripped - What you could do is use dbpoweramp to convert the quality to you liking then test it, but when you burn it to a cd - unless you are making an mp3 cd it won't make any diff ..
  7. morytz

    morytz Guest

    really? i burned some stuff using like media player, and than using ezcd creator and i noticed a difference. seems like ezcd creator has more dynamics to the sound. maybe its jsut my imagination?

    is there a program that i can use that will convert all my music to the same volume level? so that when i burn the cd, i dont have to keep on changing the volume everytime a new songs comes on.
  8. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    You talking about normalizing there - once again dbpoweramp will fix it for you ,, Normally normalizing is done when you first ripp the cd ..

    You can find info about dbpoweramp her - and it's free,, I just knoticed they have a audio cd writer - it's not free, but the music converter is:
  9. seeme

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    mate dont get confused between 'ripping' and 'burning'

    things to consider:
    - Ripping essentially means taking music on a cd and converting it into an mp3 file on your computer.
    - Burning is when you make a cd. you burn information to a CD disk using cd writing software and your cd burner

    - it's highly unlikely that you will notice a difference in audio quality between cd burning programs.
    - if your very fussy, then use top quality brand name cd-r if your after a higher quality sound of your burnt cd's
    - my favourite cd burning program is Nero.
    - my favourite mp3 ripping program is music match jukebox
  10. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    I fully agree with you except for the Music Match Part ..
  11. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    Get Nero.
  12. arson_nick

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    Nero is great for burning. It gives you a lot of control like track spacing, and even filters. It will let you burn a cd equalized, or with different volume levels. Say if you use WinAmp, and you have your favorite equalizer settings, you can burn the cd exactly as it sounds on WinAmp.