Best antivirus proggie to get with XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scuse, Dec 16, 2001.

  1. scuse

    scuse Guest

    informal poll, i have norton 2001 now, i hate it to death.
    whats the best to use and be compatible with?
  2. existenz

    existenz Guest

    norton's anti-virus 2002 :D

    i love it on xp and my computer...
  3. St0n3H3ng3

    St0n3H3ng3 Guest

    I agree with existenz. I've got Norton 2002, and it works like a charm. Have 2001 under ME, and have no complaints about it, so I guess if you have 2001, you probably will want to stay away from 2002 as I've not seen much difference between the two.
  4. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    i thought i read that 2001 doesnt work with xp??
  5. St0n3H3ng3

    St0n3H3ng3 Guest

    No, 2001 doesn't work in XP. I was saying it's what I have on my Windows ME partition. Tried to install Norton 2001 on XP, and it wouldn't work, so I went out and got 2002. Ever since I got a virus on my system, I make sure I always have an anti-virus running on my PCs. And ever since we got the ILoveYou virus at work, I make doubly sure of this, and update my virus defs constantly. Nothing like ILY to bring down a mail server!
  6. NaMcO

    NaMcO Guest

    If you really want something clean, light and very efficient i'd advise you to take a look at AVP (Antiviral Toolkit PRO) from kaspersky labs. Internet updates are available and it's very very simple to use and, as i said, light on the system

    Try it, it's simply great.
  7. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

  8. scuse

    scuse Guest

    the kapersky software says it only works up to win2k. will it work with xp?
  9. i use and recomemd norton 2002 my self i love it has stopped my nasty dead in there tracks :D
  10. evilhomer

    evilhomer Guest

    kaspersky labs

    scanner works fine, but the rest doesn't really. (the real-time monitoring, etc)
  11. XeoNoX

    XeoNoX OSNN Senior Addict

    norton 2002 works for me and it does the job.
  12. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    AVG is very good as its completly free but on my win xp and on two other systems with the same o/s it takes about 5 minutes to load and slows the system totaly until it has done. Once loaded it works fine. I have 320 mb of ram so i dont think that has anything to do with it!
  13. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Something very odd going on there, I had trouble with AVG when I first installed it on XP but this was because I was using an older version. Perhaps if you download the latest things may be better
  14. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Kaspersky's 'Antiviral Toolkit Personal PRO' here :D

    It had a little background process running I never new about so I had to disable it (to much CPU lag).
  15. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    It is the latest version of AVG as i had lost my old copy of it. Its very strange indeed.... just have to leave the machine on instead of rebooting which aint too much stress! ;)
  16. jw50

    jw50 OSNN Senior Addict

    Microsoft released an XP Compatibility Update late last week that says it adds compatibility for Norton 2001, McAfee 4.5 and alot of other programs. Just go to the Windows Update site to download it.
  17. Riskbreaker

    Riskbreaker Guest

    try BitDefender formerly called AVX..not so big of a d/l but its a very good anti virus :)