BenQ FP92W won't go into

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sinster, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Sinster

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    1440x900 either at 75hz, 72hz or 60hz. I'm running a 7900GT and each time I try to change the resolution my screen gets all garbled like the monitor can't run at that resolution or refresh rate. Its running at 1280 x 1024.
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    If it was a screen issue it'd probably just say "cant do that".

    I'd make sure you do the obvious if not already such as check the cable, reseat the card, install the latest drivers.

    Additionally you could temporarily set windows to reboot to set the new res rather than changing it on the fly.

    If none of that works, I'd suggest either the card or screen may be faulty.
  3. mlakrid

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    I thought that was a wierd resolution, and the display is brand new...

    If I were you knowing the monitor can support both the frequency AND that resolution, I would send NVidia an email and see what they have to say about it...

    The monitor was supposed to come out in May perhaps there are drivers specific to help display that monitors resolution...?
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    I just looked ont he BenQ website and that is the correct resolution, its a little bizarre, because most nvidia cards should at least be able to create custom resolutions. To be honest it sounds more like a monitor issue, not a card issue to me.
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    Well I thought about that, but lets think about that for a second...

    The same types of problems happened when the displays first went from 4:3 to 16:9 so this being a "middle ground resolution" AND widescreen I think is the problem here..

    That said, I think it is probably a simle driver update which needs to happen and I can not believe that high-end video card companies would not have pushed out a driver update to support this resolution already...

    I will look around and see what I can find..
  6. LeeJend

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    Interesting my X800XL offers a 1440x900 setting but only at 60 Hz and it actually works. (Old syncmaster 753DF.) So the resolution is not that unusual. (Note the 60Hz is a monitor speed issue.)

    If my 2 generation old X800xl with a 2 release out of date driver can do it I'm sure the 7900GT can.

    Which makes me think that windows may not have the correct monitor drivers installed.

    Uninstall the monitor in device mangler and reinstall. Make sure it finds a benq92 driver.