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    This forum is for posting and comparing system specs and performance in synthetic and real-world benchmarks.

    In order to achieve a standardised approach everyone posting their benchmark results is REQUIRED to post in a set format in order to avoid confusion and allow the other users to see exactly what they are comparing against. Any posters in the specified threads that do not adhere to the set standard will be contacted by private message to correct their posts in order to meet the required guidelines.

    Flaming or inflamatory remarks will not be tolerated. This forum section is for the basis of comparison/education and testing purposes and discussion is greatly encouraged. It is not designed for one poster or another to post remarks concerning hardware items or otherwise that incite negative comments.

    All posts relevant to benchmark results should follow a set pattern:


    CPU details (type/clock speed benched @/fsb)
    Motherboard details (type/[bios revision if applicable, not required])
    Memory (type, timings, clock speed or rating)
    Video Card (type, clock speed benched @/driver revision)
    Hard drives
    Compare link of benchmark score if applicable

    psu/pci cards/peripherals and other devices are not required to be listed.

    If the required information is not listed the post may be edited per information from the compare link. If no link exists or the information could not be found than the poster will be informed as previously stated, by private message.

    Thank you and happy posting :)