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    One day , out in the woods in deepest Canada, a bear was taking a dump behind a tree. A little squirrel came and sat down beside him and did the same. The bear looked kindly down and said to him
    "Do you have trouble with sh*t sticking to your fur little squirrel?"
    "Actually I do" answered the squirrel.
    "Good!"said the bear picking him up "COME HERE!!!!!


    Please note. This joke is neither anti Canadian, anti bear nor anti squirrel, its just the only place in the world that contains all three and where bears and squirrels live in harmony and dump behind trees.
  2. UberBert

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    uhhhhh... ive never seen a bear take a dump behind a tree, and ive never even seen a squirrel take a dump.. ;) but good joke :D

  3. slimboyfat

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    They take a dump behind a tree so that you CAN'T see them!

    Shy I s'pose