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    Copy & pasted from another me typing it again. :)

    ""Microsoft is on the marketing warpath to promote legitimate licensing of their Windows operating system.
    Fill out the necessary junk, get a free USB flash FOB -- It's probably only 32MB or something stupid -- but who cares -- IT'S FREE!!!
    You'll need a Microsoft Passport account and valid address. Got a Hotmail account? That should work here, too.
    Microsoft have preloaded some junk on it but if you aren't interested/curious just turn off Autorun and format the freebie.

    Here's the URL link, along with the questions (and their answers of course):

    Just click on the 'Valuable Information' link to the right, and use the answers below.

    Here are the answers to the four questions:
    Q1. How many ways are there to obtain a full Microsoft Windows Desktop license?
    Answer: 2

    Q2: Volume License Agreements cover Windows Desktop operating system upgrades only.
    Answer: True

    Q3: OEM operating system licenses are non-transferable.
    Answer: True

    Q4: The most cost-effective way to acquire an initial, full underlying Windows Desktop license is preinstalled.
    Answer: True

    Expect 5-8 weeks for delivery.""

    Says this at the first page down the bottom, :...."*This offer is available in the U.S. only while supplies last. Limit one per customer. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery."

    When you go to the order page all countries are listed..............time will tell. :)
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